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Adbrain Identity Platform

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Tell A Cohesive Story.


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Breakthrough Customer ID Mapping Solution

Adbrain takes personalization to a whole new level by uniting device, channel and platform identifiers into a single customer view to deliver personalized, contextual messages consistently across all digital touchpoints.

Breakthrough Customer ID Mapping Solution
Drive more efficient marketing spend with Adbrain

Drive More Efficient Marketing Spend

Expand your visibility into the entire consumer journey, focusing your budget where it has the most impact.

Use Your Current Marketing Tools

Access the power of Adbrain customer ID mapping through your existing marketing tools.

Use your current marketing tools with Adbrain

Leverage the world's most powerful identity platform

Integrate your existing solutions with the Adbrain Identity Platform and access billions of device, channel and platform IDs that you can make available through your solution.

Adbrain - the world's most powerful identity platform
Build new solutions with Adbrain

Build New Solutions

Create new revenue streams by building your own customer ID mapping solutions for marketing, advertising, and analytics applications.

Help Your Customers Market Better

Solve a major pain point for your customers by helping them better understand their audiences and deliver more personalized, consistent messaging throughout the customer journey.

Help your customers market better with Adbrain

Adbrain Identity Platform

The Adbrain Identity Platform is the technology engine for all Adbrain solutions. Adbrain captures billions of device, channel and platform identifiers daily, and uses patented algorithms to create a holistic customer ID map.
Adbrain's Identity Platform - cross device, cross channel and cross platform

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