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Adbrain is the world’s first multi-screen audience buying platform.

We empower advertisers to unlock the value of their data and connect with audiences in real-time, no matter the device.

Superior Performance

Powerful, intelligent and customizable. The Adbrain stack offers advertisers control, insight and performance.

Audience Platform

Build, manage and optimize your mobile and multi-screen campaigns all from an elegant, easy-to-use control panel.

  • Granular device, content, location and audience targeting
  • Intuitive data ingestion and management tools for advanced audience modelling and segmentation
  • In-depth reporting and unique insights

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Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to make smarter, real-time ad decisions from the exchanges

  • Open RTB 2.1 compliant and mobile Premium Programmatic inventory access across 240 countries
  • Full transparency and portability of log-level bid-stream data
  • API suite for custom data ingestion and algorithmic optimization

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The Adbrain Engine houses billions of rich desktop, mobile and tablet data sets, applying cutting edge artificial intelligence for unique multi-screen audience insights.

  • First, second and third-party data ingestion tools to activate and enrich your data assets
  • Advanced predictive algorithms built on deep learning and advanced artificial intelligence
  • API-driven approach for complete third-party DMP integration

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  • Multi-screen audience identification

    Creates a single customer profile by modelling billions of rich desktop, mobile and tablet data sets.

  • Data Activation

    Activate and enrich your data. Build custom audience segments with Adbrain’s data segmentation and analysis tools.

  • Cross-device targeting

    Leverage rich multi-screen audience data to deliver only the most targeted, contextually relevant and impactful ads to your multi-screen consumers at scale.

  • Real-time bidding

    Adbrain is connected to the world’s leading mobile and desktop ad exchanges ensuring access transparent, brand safe global inventory.

  • Private marketplaces

    Access premium publishers’ inventory in a private marketplace and benefit from exclusive first-party data insights.

  • Conversion attribution

    Deep cross-device conversion attribution offering unparalleled insight into post-view and post-click conversions.

  • Predictive optimization

    Mobile and cross-device optimization algorithms built on trillions of rich data sets, offering cutting edge, ever evolving artificial intelligence to deliver superior results.

  • Advanced reporting

    Intuitive reporting tools for advanced data modelling and intelligent data analysis.

  • Customization

    Open API driven infrastructure allows you to build unique and differentiated trading capabilities.



No more blind media buying. Deliver only hyper-targeted, transparent, data-driven campaigns.


Power is nothing without control. Beautifully designed and customizable tools to help make smarter decisions in real-time.


Reduce wastage and increase ROI with Adbrain’s unified campaign management, optimization and reporting suite.


Powerful technology blended with best-in-breed enterprise tools designed to maximize spend and deliver winning results.


For Advertisers

Build a multi-screen trading desk.
Our custom audience buying tools allow you to build a truly differentiated multi-screen advertising business.

Seamlessly integrate with your technology to enrich your campaigns with data and deliver powerful results.

For Data Owners

Build a data trading desk.

Data is power. Leverage the value of your unique data assets and monetize them programmatically, at scale.

We offer you the tools to take control of your data, build new revenue streams and deliver results.

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