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Adbrain for Marketers is a breakthrough customer ID mapping solution that empowers marketers to target and measure individual consumers across different devices, channels and platforms.

Solve the fragmented identity problem with Adbrain

Solve The Fragmented Identity Problem

Today’s customers use several devices, shop through multiple channels and are touched by numerous marketing platforms. This fragmented customer journey forces marketers to view their audience data in silos based on the devices, channels and platforms that generate that data. As a result, marketers do not have one single customer view and must treat an individual consumer as several distinct people. This leads to inconsistent messaging, wasted marketing spend and missed opportunities.

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Unify the Customer View

Adbrain captures billions of device, platform and channel identifiers daily and links those identifiers into a holistic, actionable customer ID map. This unified customer view is used by marketers through their existing marketing and analytics tools to recognize a consumer wherever they are and deliver consistent, personalized messaging throughout the customer journey.  

So rather than sending one message to what appears to be three different consumers, you can reach one consumer three times with a consistent, relevant story.

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Unify the customer view with Adbrain
Take personalization to a new level with Adbrain

Take Personalization to a New Level

Marketers use Adbrain to solve the fragmented identity problem and take personalization to new an entirely new level of performance. With Adbrain, marketers can now:  

  • Tell consumers a relevant, consistent story across devices, channels and platforms.
  • Magnify their view into the journey of each consumer.
  • Attribute conversions across devices, channels and platforms to truly understand which perform best.
  • Expand their audience reach across devices, channels and platforms.
  • Gain an accurate picture of reach and frequency, to avoid over-saturation and wasted marketing spend.  
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Adbrain Makes it Easy

Adbrain for Marketers is easy to implement and use. There are no complex integrations or training required.  Simply add an Adbrain pixel to a website or set up a mobile postback and start connecting consumer IDs right away. For offline audiences, just upload an email list and Adbrain delivers matching digital IDs. Adbrain passes matched IDs directly to the existing tools used by both marketers and their partners. Adbrain data is accessible in over 100 marketing platforms including those listed below.











Today’s consumers are empowered like never before. Digital technologies have given the consumer total control of the customer journey which presents marketers with a new set of challenges. Marketers have been moving quickly to adopt big data and analytics capabilities in order to understand customers and regain control.

Adbrain empowers you to restore the balance of power and create new opportunities for clients and your agency. With Adbrain, marketers consolidate the fragmented, consumer journey into one unified, actionable customer view that is accessible easily to agency marketers, trading desks and clients for advertising, marketing and insights.

With Adbrain, you no longer have to react to the consumer-controlled journey. You can take control with a single view of the consumer, relevant messaging and a consistent story to steer the journey and deliver more profitable marketing results.  

Address your clients' critical pain point

Customer journey marketing is a strategic imperative for your customers. Now you can help them succeed while opening new opportunities for your business.

Tell customers a consistent story

Gain a unified view of each customer across devices, channels and platforms to deliver a more relevant, personalized customer experience consistently across all digital touch points.

Expand your business

Create new revenue streams and drive client retention by providing new marketing, advertising and analytics services.


The impact of today’s digital customer is inescapable; disrupting the conventional car-buying experience, and redefining the competitive landscape.

Nearly two-thirds of car buyers start the process online and most do so before even visiting a dealership. It’s harder than ever to get buyers into the showroom, especially with a fragmented digital customer journey that includes multiple devices, channels and platforms.  

Adbrain unites the fragmented journey into a unified view of each customer. You can send customers targeted, relevant messages consistently across the devices, channels and platforms along the customer journey to drive more buyers to your showroom, and build prosperous after-sale relationships.

Attract more shoppers to your showroom

Tie website sign-ups, email opens, mobile usage, and showroom visits, to a single customer profile, and deliver personalized messages and offers consistently across every device, channel and platform.

Drive higher after-sale revenue

Engage new customers with relevant offers and messages across all touch points to drive accessory and service revenue.

Build customer loyalty

Provide customers a consistent, relevant after-sales experience in every interaction to enrich customer loyalty.


The traveler’s journey occurs not only on planes and in hotels, but also across multiple devices, channels and platforms.  Many of today’s travelers research their trips on a tablet, book on the desktop, and check in with a smartphone. According to SITA, 83% of airline passengers carry a smartphone; 46% travel with a laptop; 39% with a tablet; and 15% bring all three devices.

Adbrain helps you deliver the consistent, personal experience that today’s connected consumers demand regardless of the device, channel or platform they’re using.

Unify your customer data silos

Achieve greater insight into the customer journey through a single customer view, to present the right offer at the right time.

Present relevant offers across touch points

Deliver a consistent, contextual customer experience across every device, channel and platform.

Improve conversions and sales

Drive more sales with relevant messaging and promotions, cross-device retargeting, and powerful cross- and up-selling offers.


Great shopping experiences begin with 360° view of the customer which enables you to deliver relevant, personalized messages throughout the customer journey.

Adbrain customer ID mapping, provides the most holistic view of each customer across devices, channels and platforms. You can unify disparate marketing silos into a single customer view to give you stronger insights into each customer and to ensure a more personalized, consistent experience across all digital touch points.

Today’s connected consumers have taken control of the shopping journey. With Adbrain, retail marketers are taking that control back to drive omni-channel sales and improve customers’ overall brand experience.

Unify your customer data silos

Get greater insight into the customer journey through a single customer view. Present the right offer at the right time, wherever and however an interaction occurs.

Bring consistency to marketing

Tie customer interactions such as email opens, mobile usage, and online and in-store purchases to a single customer profile to deliver a consistent, contextual experience across every device, channel and platform.

Boost omni-channel sales

Drive more sales with relevant cross-device retargeting, lower abandonment rates, targeted offers, and powerful, cross- and up-selling offers.


Even in this age of big data and mounds of customer information, you still may not have a 360° view of the customer. Your customer data might reside in distinct silos and legacy systems leading you to execute and measure marketing campaigns in isolation rather than in the context of the customer journey.

Financial services marketers turn to Adbrain to get a complete picture of each customer, in one view across the numerous devices, channels and platforms that comprise each customer’s journey.

Finances are personal to every customer so your marketing must take a personalized approach. With Adbrain’s 360° customer view, you can deliver the tailored communications that today’s digital customer demands regardless of where or how the interaction occurs.

Unify customer data silos

Achieve greater insight into the customer journey through a single customer view enabling you to present the right message at the right time across devices, channels and platforms.

Personalize the customer journey

Engage clients with relevant offers and messages across all touch points to help you acquire and retain customers.

Build long-term relationships

Deliver an exceptional customer experience in every digital interaction to enhance customer loyalty and build long-term relationships.  


Whether you sell to distributors, retailers, or directly to consumers, today’s connected customers expect a seamless experience throughout the entire customer journey.

The challenge for marketers is delivering a consistent customer experience across the various devices, channels and platforms that comprise today’s customer journey. Ensuring they drive incremental sales rather than simply shift traffic across touch points.

CPG marketers turn to Adbrain for a unified view of each consumer, to synchronize promotions across all touch points and to personalize the digital experience with a consistent message that resonates and compels action.

Gain a unified view of each customer

Unite disparate customer data silos into a single customer view so you can deliver personalized, contextual messages consistently across all digital touch points.

Drive more efficent marketing spend

Expand your visibility into the entire consumer journey to focus your budget where it has the best impact.

Drive more revenue

Recognize a consumer wherever he or she is and communicate relevant offers and messages across all devices, channels and platforms.  







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