Adbrain maps together IDs, devices, people, and places to create a single customer view enabling marketers and technologists to deliver more personalized marketing experiences.


Today’s consumer owns an average of 3.64 devices, according to Global Web Index. The surge in multi-device use presents real challenges for marketers looking to deliver a consistent, personalized experience across the journey.

The new multi-device customer journey has made it near impossible for marketers to recognize a consumer across the various devices he or she uses. We’ve been forced to market to devices, rather than to individual consumers.

Adbrain’s Identity AI™ links the various device IDs associated with a single digital consumer to create a Customer ID Map. Adbrain’s Customer ID Map provides a unified view of the customer so marketers can send relevant, personalized messages consistently across the journey.

Cross-device solutions provide a unified view of a consumer’s devices called a “device map.” A device map shows how different devices relate to each other by linking all the related device IDs back to one unique user.

How Adbrain Builds a Customer ID Map

1) Ingest Billions of Data Sets

Adbrain ingests billions of raw data points from 3rd parties such as analytics providers, media companies, dev tools and SDK providers.

2) Train Machine Learning Algorithm
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Common “data features” are identified and hypotheses are built about how they can be used to identify cookies and device IDs that belong to the same user.

3) Optimize Algorithm Precision
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By using deterministic data sets, Adbrain trains and scores the accuracy of its matches creating precision rates that can be applied to matches.

4) Build Customer ID Map

Adbrain's machine learning algorithm is deployed on the full data set to create a highly precise and scaled Customer ID Map.

Privacy Focused

At Adbrain, privacy means everything. Adbrain's Identity AI™ has been engineered to place the highest priority on consumer privacy, to exceed the highest privacy standards and government regulations on data collection. 
Adbrain never identifies specific individuals or collects personal or unnecessary data. 

Get The Most From Your Data

While marketers can simply access Adbrain's data through their own marketing tools, technologists have unique implementation options to create their own customer ID profiles with their first party data.

Adbrain's most popular implementation method not only looks up input data within Adbrain's Customer ID Map to identify matches but also maps your 1st party data. As a result, you are able to find linkages within your own data, expand your audience with Adbrain's data and there is no data wastage. Contact us to explore other implementation options and to determine which is the best for your organization.

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