Clicks to Bricks: How Cross-Device Powers Today's Customer Journey


Title: Clicks to Bricks: How Cross-Device Powers Today's Customer Journey

Webinar Date: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Duration: 40 Minutes


The average customer owns 3.64 devices, and 90% of retail transactions involve more than one device. The increase in internet-connected devices has drastically changed the customer journey resulting in a blend of digital influence and in-store behavior which undoubtably presents new challenges for marketers. Join Crystal King, Director of Channel Partnerships and Alisha Dsouza, Solutions Consultant from Adbrain to explore the following challenges:

  • Customers use multiple devices to research products prior to making an in-store purchase, how can marketers reach customers throughout the new customer journey?
  • How can marketers take advantage of data to provide meaningful customer experiences?
  • How can marketers attribute what activity influenced a customer to purchase?

Ian Gibbs, Data Marketing Consultant from On Device Research joins us to discuss the effectiveness of a cross-device campaign for a leading UK retailer which yielded a 50% increase in brand recognition and 45% increase in store visitation. Download now to learn how cross-device data can take your marketing to the next level in a multi-device world.  

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