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Solving Customer Identity in a Connected World

Adbrain is a global provider of intelligent identity resolution technology, used by digital marketers and their partners to create advanced customer ID maps. These maps are used to target and measure customers across devices, channels and platforms.

Adbrain is integrated with more than 200 marketing automation and analytics solutions, as well as leading digital advertising sales and buying platforms, enabling access to billions of digital consumer IDs. 

With Adbrain’s innovative customer ID mapping solution, marketers and technologists have a clear view of their customer’s identity and can deliver a consistent, personalized customer journey across devices.


Executive Team

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    Gareth Davies, CEO

    Gareth Davies is Co-Founder & CEO of Adbrain. Davies founded Adbrain in 2012 to help companies understand their cross-device users and build smarter businesses through data. Adbrain works with leading advertising and marketing technology companies, agencies and publishers across the US & Europe to offer an independent, transparent and privacy-safe view of their users at scale, agnostic of device. Davies brings a decade’s experience in senior commercial, strategic partnerships and operations roles at companies including Google, DoubleClick and Somo. Gareth is based in Adbrain's San Francisco, CA office.

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    Ed Chater, COO

    Ed Chater is COO at Adbrain and an advertising technology specialist and a firm advocate for data-led programmatic media buying. Previously, Ed was responsible for developing Somo’s Lithient Ad Tracking & ROI Insights platform where he successfully launched the platform across the EU, US and APAC. Ed is based in Adbrain's New York, NY office.

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    Jason Atlas, CTO

    Jason Atlas heads up Adbrain's engineering and data science teams as CTO based in Seattle, WA. Previously, Jason was a turnaround CTO for 5 years at a number of startups going through growth stages, spent over 10 years at Microsoft, as a Director of Product and Engineering, and has a track record of innovating across data science, distributed systems, and intelligent platforms.

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    Mark Yates, VP Finance

    Mark Yates leads Adbrain's Finance and Operations team. He is a Chartered Accountant with 10 years experience heading up finance teams in high growth data and digital media companies including Clash Media (lead generation), Monomax (online and offline publisher) and Beamly (content optimiser for social network platforms). Mark is based in London.

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    Manu Manianchira, VP Global Engineering

    Manu Manianchira is Adbrain’s Vice President of Global Engineering based in Seattle, WA. He previously led a team working on Microsoft’s Windows 10 3D push, and has a diverse background of over a decade building engaging customer experiences at Microsoft in the Xbox and Windows Safety technology teams.

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    Poul Costinksy, Chief Architect

    Poul Costinsky is Adbrain’s Chief Architect based in Seattle, WA. He joined Adbrain after 18 years in Microsoft, working on various projects like internet safety, big data, machine learning, user applications, web services, .Net, and Windows internals. Before that, he worked in Israel on Data Mining and Knowledge discovery.

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    Jiefei Ma, Lead Data Scientist

    Dr. Jiefei Ma leads the data science team at Adbrain and is based in London. He holds a PhD in Distributed Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College, and is a registered Chartered Engineer in the UK. With over 10 years research on AI and over 20 academic publications, Jiefei has expertise covering knowledge representation, automated reasoning, machine learning, multi-agent systems and natural language processing. Prior to joing Adbrain, he successfully applied AI in application domains such as education, credit risk modelling, autonomous systems, network security and computer vision.

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    Paolo Pironi, VP Global Enterprise Sales

    Paolo Pironi oversees Global Enterprise Sales at Adbrain from London. He previously worked as the Director of Business Development at Videoplaza (now an Ooyala company), where he helped build and commercialize their programmatic publisher platform. Before that, he spent 5 years in media and ad tech sales at Google and Doubleclick.

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    Crystal King, VP Global Channel Partnerships

    Crystal King leads Adbrain's Global Partner Channel, composed 200+ technology & agency partners. Based in New York, Crystal's focus is to educate and arm marketers with cross-device ID mapping in all of their existing tool sets, so they can effectively reach their target audience at the right time, on the right device. Previously, Crystal was the Channel Partnership Director at Swrve.

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