Adbrain Identity AI™

Successful engagement begins with a single customer view.

The Adbrain Identity Platform delivers that unified customer view - across devices, channels and platforms. It’s the engine for Adbrain’s solutions and for innovative customer ID mapping offerings from Adbrain's vendor partners.


Tell your customers a consistent story across all their devices.

The Adbrain Identity Platform uses patented algorithms to accurately predict device identifiers of individual consumers.

Simply add an Adbrain pixel onto your website, or set up a mobile postback and start connecting device identifiers that belong to the same user.

Target consumers across all the devices they use with a personalized, consistent story that resonates.

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The customer journey is no longer a linear process.

The Adbrain Identity Platform enables marketers to improve personalization by identifying users across offline and online marketing channels.

Upload a list of hashed email addresses for an offline audiences, and Adbrain Identity Platform will retrieve other digital IDs that match.

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Take the right actions across marketing platforms.

Add an Adbrain pixel onto your website, and Adbrain provides ID mapping by marketing platform.

Gain insights into cross-platform audience engagement to better understand your marketing impact – and your customer.

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How it Works



Adbrain captures billions of device, channel and platform identifiers daily


Machine learning links the identifiers generating a customer ID map


Clients create their own personalized customer ID map which can be integrated into existing tools

Privacy by Design

At Adbrain, privacy means everything to us.


The Adbrain Identity Platform has been engineered to place the highest priority on consumer privacy, to exceed the highest privacy standards and government regulations on data collection. 
Adbrain never identifies specific individuals or collects personal or unnecessary data. Adbrain is a member of the DAA and EDAA user transparency and control mechanisms and is independently audited by TRUSTe.

Target & Measure

Create your own custom map of identity using your own data.


Target consumers with more personalized, relevant messages and a consistent story as they move across devices, channels and platforms.



Measure the customer journey to accurately attribute conversions across devices, channels and platforms and to effectively manage audience reach and frequency.

How We Have Helped



With Adbrain's Audience Insights built directly into the Adbrain Identity Platform, you are able to understand your consumer behavior and compare to Adbrain benchmarks.

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