Adbrain Remains Committed to Protecting Consumer Privacy

Adbrain's Recent Collaboration with the U.S. BBB in Pushing Privacy Standards Forward

Adbrain is at the cutting edge of solving the customer identity challenge. We are diligent about consumer privacy and are committed to meeting and furthering industry standards in that regard. In particular, we are always working to ensure consumers have transparency and are able to control how their data is used. We take this very seriously and engage wherever we can in developing industry best practices.

We recently collaborated with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to further address how we, as an identity business, make sure we are in line with our responsibilities as members of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA).

As a result of our recent work with the BBB, and as part of our ongoing commitment to user privacy, we’ve made a few changes. In particular, we added more links out from our site to and, where consumers can opt-out of our data collection as well as from a large number of other businesses. We also work in partnership with industry programs like AdChoices, which notify and provide opt-out options for the user. These solutions are easily implemented on mobile devices. We’re also working on an app-based opt-out tool, per the BBB’s recommendation.

Being 100% committed to consumer privacy is important for the ad tech industry overall and for our brand partners. By always taking consumer privacy seriously from the company’s inception to where we are today, we are giving our brand partners a commercial advantage, as they increasingly recognize how important it is to work with technology partners that are at the cutting edge of privacy best practices.

Currently, Adbrain is working with ePrivacy and several other consultants to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which is set to be the highest industry standard in privacy. 

At Adbrain, privacy is and will remain a core tenet of our business.


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