Adbrain’s Identity AI™ powers all of Adbrain’s products. It connects and organizes the various identifiers associated with a consumer across people, places, & devices to create a Customer ID Map.


The new multi-device customer journey has made it near impossible for marketers to recognize a consumer across the various devices he or she uses. We’ve been forced to market to devices, rather than to individual consumers.

The obvious solution to this common marketing challenge is a device graph, but it’s time to move beyond that and understand the true multi-dimensional customer identity profile based on the Devices they own, the Places they frequent and the People they interact with.

Adbrain’s Identity AI™ links the various IDs associated with a single digital consumer to create a Customer ID Map. This map provides a multi-dimensional view of customer identity allowing for enhanced marketing activity including targeting and measurement by gaining a view of an individual’s identity and their interactions with the world (or brands, products & services) around them.

How Adbrain Builds a Customer ID Map

1) Ingest Data Sets

Adbrain ingests billions of raw data points from third parties such as analytics providers, media companies, dev tools and SDK providers.

2) Deploy Adbrain Identity AI™

The data sets are then ingested into a series of advanced machine learning algorithms which classify IDs as devices, people and places.

3) Customer ID Map

The output of the series of algorithms is a holistic map of customers and their relationship with the Devices they use, the Places they frequent, and the People they interact with.

Privacy Focused

At Adbrain, privacy means everything. Adbrain's Identity AI™ has been engineered to place the highest priority on consumer privacy, to exceed the highest privacy standards and government regulations on data collection. 
Adbrain never identifies specific individuals or collects personal or unnecessary data. 

Get The Most From Your Data

While marketers can simply access Adbrain's data through their own marketing tools, technologists have unique implementation options to create their own customer ID profiles with their first party data.

Adbrain's most popular implementation method not only looks up input data within Adbrain's Customer ID Map to identify matches but also maps any 1st party data. As a result, you are able to find linkages within your own data, expand your audience with Adbrain's data and there is no data wastage. Contact us to explore other implementation options and to determine which is the best for your organization.