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Learn how to deliver a personalized marketing experience to your customers across all digital touchpoints.

Cross-Device Marketing: What Technologists Need to Know

Cross-device technology overview and benefits for technologists.

Adbrain Cross-Device Data Sources

An overview of Adbrain's unique and diversified data sources.

Deterministic vs. Probabilistic Cross-Device

Learn the differences between deterministic and probabilistic methods and how to leverage both.

How Cross-Device Powers Today's Customer Journey

[Webinar] We explore how marketers can reach customers throughout the new customer journey.

Adbrain's Customer ID Map Methodology

Learn how Adbrain uses its Customer ID Map to identify consumers across multiple devices.

It's 8pm, Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

[Webinar] A practical discussion on getting started with cross-device targeting and measurement

Cross-Device Marketing: What You Need To Know

Get started with adding cross-device to your marketing efforts.

How To Test Cross-Device Marketing Performance

Learn how to test cross-device marketing performance uplift

How To Test Cross-Device Audience Extension

Learn how to test cross-device audience extension

How To Test Cross-Device Precision and Scale

Learn how to test cross-device precision and scale

Step Change Your Data Strategy with Customer Identity Resolution

Learn how you can increase the reach and ROI of your campaigns through Adbrain & Cross Pixel's partnership.